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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hitting the Bag at Home, Getting Ready

boxing sisters

SSS Small vs Tall Topless Boxing

Chun Li Mixed Sexight

SSS Lez Sexfight Boxing





(Gabriela Spanic) Prisionera Real Fight! - Guadalupe Vs La Tuerta

female fighting catfight match Marie vs Gia

katie and hannah 3 rounds of MMA

Girl House boxing

Lita Tribute

Wrestlemania 19 catfight

Catfight in a Store

Japanese super chick fight

Violent Belly Punches

Friday, May 27, 2011

SSS Bedroom Lez Boxing

SSS Situation Boxing 4

SSS Mixed Sex Boxing 2

SSS Mixed Sexboxing 1

SSS Busty Lesbian Boxing 1


SSS Bedroom Lez Boxing

SSS Oil Topless Boxing

SSS Gong of Mixed boxing

SSS Ero Lez Toppless Boxing 2

SSS Ero Lez Toples Boxing

SSS Boxing of the Lesbians vol 3

Battle of the Fuck Boxers Mixed match 2

Battle of the Fuck Boxers Mixed match 1

SSS Women Boxing Destroyer 3

SSS Topless Blow Boxing 5

SS Topless Blow Boxing 4

SSS Topless Blow Boxing 2

Christy Martin Fights June 4th

GIRL FIGHT!!!Wigs, boobs, and yellow shoes

SSS Erotic male vs Female Japanese Sex Fight

Talk Show Slap

Prison Shower catfight

Total Recall catfight

True Lies catfight

Players Club Catfight

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Lola vs Princess Donna: Ultimate Surrender

Crimson Ninja vs. Vendetta: Ultimate Surrender

Jade vs Shannon Kelly: Ultimate Surrender

Erica D'Erico vs. Kristin Astara Slammin Ladies

Japanese Ladies Pro Wrestling

Cris Cyborg vs Marisa at Storm Samurai in Brazil

Érica Paes Vs Cristiane Cyborg

Russian nice catfight girl fight wrestling match

Paris Kennedy mixed boxing

AJW japan female wrestling classic

Scissors Swap with Lia Labowe & Sybil Starr

Best Black Girl Fight Ever

Nude hot babes catfight

Charming hot women catfight

sexy underground catfight in stockings

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Real Fistfight KO

GLOW's Liberty takes a beating

Crimson Ninja vs Lyla Lei : Ultimate Surrender

DT Wrestling Frankie Z vs Tasha

DT Wrestling Tanya vs Nefertiti

DT Wrestling Francesca Le vs Nikki

Ultimate Surrender Pussy Finisher

Awesome DWW topless boxing

Nude Wrestling on bed girl slapping each other

Erotica Topless Boxing

Gabrielle beats Xena

Undercover Brother Catfight

Quisha Vs Hollywood

Lacy vs Chrissy Napali Nude Wrestling

Patty Plenty Nude Wrestling

Brandi Boxing Belly Knockdown

Mia St John Pacific Blue Boxing

Japanese Amateur Kick Boxing

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brazil Girls Topless Boxing

Jasea Topless Boxing

Bondage Boxing

Napali Topless Big Bust Boxing

Sexy Toplees Boxing Slugger

Spanish Boxing Belly Punches

Slow motion Tit Mauling

Topless Breast Mauling Catfight

Sophie's Newest Topless Boxing

Raquel applies nice headscissors & KO's her

Interracial Wrestling with Raquel

Lee vs Gia Primo


classic wrestling Lee vs Cassandra

Round 1 Catfight

Mothers Day Catfight

A child is punished for falling in a womans yard,the woman beats the little girl! The girl's mother comes out to stop the beating. Some harsh words are exchanged and the two women end up in a nasty catfight in front of the entire village! Mom doesn't pull any blows as she fights to protect her daughter

Monday, May 23, 2011

Jezabel takes a beating

Bout Time Studios Hightlite Reel

Female Bearhug Submission

Perfect Boston Crab

Seated Stretch Hold

Nude White Girl Pins the Nude Black Girl

Nude Black Girls Erotic controls over White Girls

Faby the Catfighter vs Zoe: Topless Dirty Fighting

Festelle Erotic Fights #1

Knocked out by her opponent's breasts

Male Defeates Topless Female and Rubs "it"in

Black vs White Festelle Topless Fight

Suite Slug Younger vs Older Boxing

Action Sports 2 on 1 body punching

Willow vs Dragontooth

Beautiful Catfighter Andrea

Andrea wearing a blue and purple bikini that cannot cover her huge breasts. A powerful and painful backbreaker finish forces a submission1980s,There was a lot of the hardball catfight.

Mickie James: Finished

Maria: Finished

Melina: Finished

Torrie Wilson: Finished

Trish Stratus: Finished

Sanja Sucevic vs. Ivana Sarandeska

Sexy Strippers Fight in the Changing Room of Strip Club

Tales From the Crypt Female Cage Match with Debbie Dunning

BlondeChic Boxing

Alere Little Feather belly punch compilation

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hot Chicks Apartment Fight

Latinas Scrap

Catfight Indoors (Arrainged)

Joan Wise Facesiting Finish

White girl facesits Black girl

Golden Girls Bikini Wrestling

DWW Topless Wrestling

Cock Boxing Punishment

Outdoor Catfight

Boxing Asian Girl outslugs Guy

Russian Topless Real Fight

"Los Hombres de Paco" Female Bare Knuckles fist fight

fight 5 - tournement bare knuckles

fight 4 - tournement bare knuckles

fight 3 - tournement bare knuckles

fight 2 - tournement bare knuckles

fight 1 - bare knuckles

Japanese amateur boxing

Black v White Catfight - White Girl choked out

Black v White Catfight - Blonde Jill KO'd

Friday, May 20, 2011

Black Girls SexFight

Nude SexFight

Another Brandenburg Sexfight

Spanish Nude Catfight: Loira vs Morena

Calra vs Fernada Spanish Catfight

Macho Man Randy Savage Dead at 58

this is a bit off topic but the macho man died today:
TMZ spoke with Randy's brother, Lanny Poffo, who tells us the wrestling legend suffered a heart attack while he was behind the wheel around 9:25 AM ... and lost control of his vehicle.

Earlier this month, Savage celebrated his 1-year anniversary with his new wife Lynn.

Savage was 58.

Macho Man began wrestling in the WWF in 1985 and became a superstar with his trademark catchphrase "Ooooooh Yeaahhhhh."

UPDATE: Florida Highway Patrol tells TMZ ... Savage was driving his 2009 Jeep Wrangler when he veered across a concrete median ... through oncoming traffic ... and "collided head-on with a tree."

Savage was transported to Largo Medical center, where he died from his injuries.

Savage's wife was a passenger in the vehicle during the collision -- but survived with "minor injuries." She was transported to a different local hospital where she was treated. 
According to officials, Randy and Lynn were both wearing their seatbelts at the time of the accident.

Cops say alcohol was NOT a factor.

An investigation into the accident is underway.

Godiva Baroom Catfight

French Catfight

Un gancho al corazón Boxing

Liz vs Flor Boxing

Boxing with Vanessa O

Blonde Fist Boxing

La Venganza Cage Boxing

Hot Bikini Catfight

Las Juanas Boxing

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nude Sophie Boxing a Guy

True Lesbian Boxing

BDSM SexBoxing

Busty Brunette Boxes the Speed Bag

Boxing Ring BlowJob

Sex in the Boxing Ring

Karen Boxer vs Kate the Ref

Busty Boxer in Pink Ko's Guy

"Battling Beauties" (1983) Australian Video Trailer

The very rare Australian video trailer put together by K-Tel Home Video for the 1983 "reality" exploitation fare "Battling Beauties", which has scantily-clad women duelling in mud and boxing rings for no apparent reason. This was released on VHS in 1986 in Australia by K-Tel, and is very difficult to find. They simply cut and pasted this trailer together using clips from the film. Don't know who that turkey emceeing the event is, but can't imagine he went on to much bigger things.

Boxing, Biceps and flexing!!

swedish girls fighting....blonde KO's brunette!

Dixie (Godiva from GLOW) vs Wendy (Melinda Armstrong) Wrestling Vs Boxing Match.

This aired on PPV in Feb 1990. Dixie is better know as Dawn Rice, Godiva from GLOW and Wendy is actress/model Melinda Armstrong.

Boxing meets Rapping (in GLOW style)

Fans of GLOW's raps will probably enjoy this. Someone 'borrowed' three of the short clips I uploaded elsewhere and posted them here on youtube, so I might as well post the entire rap.

Valerie (MTV from GLOW) vs Bambi (Tiffany Mellon from GLOW) boxing/wrestling 4 corner strap match

This originally aired on PPV in Feb 1990 and was later released on VHS. Valerie is Eileen Womack, better known as MTV from GLOW. Bambi is Sandra Margot, better known as Tiffany Mellon from GLOW and as Tiffany Million from her other career after GLOW.

Sexy Boxing Babe Attacks Her Manager. Twice! :)

Hot Girls Beach Fight

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spanish Bare Fist Belly Punch

female boxing domino vs mutiny

Kelly vs Paula MMA KO

Vintage Female Wrestlers

boxer searches the neighborhood for a sparring partner.

Hollyoaks catfight 11.05.11

Ruby and Sinead are having a catfight.

Cute Topless Blonde Boxer

Champs Boxing BlowJobs

Porn Star Boxer

2 Boxers attack the ref

Asian BlowJob Boxing

2 Girls 1 Guy Boxing Sex

School Girl Sex Boxing

phillippines girls fight domination:Apple vs Cherry

Aira vs Maripaz

asian femwrestling match Aira vs Honey

WWA Womens Submission Backbreaker

Golden Girls Domination Finisher

Girl boxing! WATCH THIS haha

Black v White Catfight - Kassidy v Boadicea sexy wrestling

Black v White Catfight - Austina vs Tiffany Anne sexy wrestling

Black v White Catfight - Ebony v Lilly sexy wrestling