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Monday, June 27, 2011

Sierra in her hot action ChicActionFlicks

Sakina Cameron in ChicActionFlick

The Knockout Clause Movie Trailer

Receptionist Black catfight

Zaena Morisho in ChicActionFlicks

Male vs Female Boxing

another semi-competitive female wrestling match

Carina vs Ines

Carolina Semi competitive catfight

Female Wrestling

Maia vs Asteria

zsofi vs zarina

Girl Fight outdoors

Fuuka vs Bambi

Argentine MWC boxing

Friday, June 17, 2011

Yahoo Female Fighting Groups
The best Yahoo female Fighting Groups out there

Renata vs Jezabel Fem Fight Bound

Cocky and defiant, Jezabel has Renata pinned and trapped beneath her and makes life very miserable for her Russian opponent. Attacking her victim's breasts, toes and hair, Jezabel trash talks her victim while biting and slapping Renata towards a most humiliating knockout yet.

Monika vs Milena Fem Fight Bound

Here's an embarrassing video Monika would prefer we forget. It's her first encounter with petite Milena and though the huge size differences, Monika is not sure how to handle the little girl but Milena is certainly not shy to show Monika the ropes, but in a harsh and brutally humiliating way.. Poor Monika.

Sydney vs Jezabel Fem Fight Bound

Tough girl Sydney, still sporting bruises from earlier battles is caught by surprise as the gorgeous petite Jezabel makes a meal out of the blond girl, pounding her belly and torturing her breasts until the inevitable end we all know is bound to happen..

Jezabel vs Milena Fem Fight Bound

The petite gorgeous girls, Jezabel and Milena decide its time to determine who has the best breasts and they go for tormenting each other's perky breasts and nipples until one of them gets fed up and decides to put her opponent out with a nicely placed HOM

Lisa vs Debbie Festelle Topless Boxing

Lisa's next opponent, Debbie, looks almost schoolboyish - until she strips to the waist that is!. this near-brutal match is quite merciless, and very, very exciting. this is possibly Festelle's hardest-fought topless boxing match to date.

Vanessa vs Tina Antman Festelle Topless Boxing

We return to the mat for a grueling scrap between two attractive boxers, Vanessa and Tina. In spite of their weight difference, these two seem very well matched, and both seem to be on a short fuse, with neither girl showing mercy or pleading for it. Five rounds of fistic fury...

FV113 - 4 (Vanessa v Tina)

FV113 - 5 (2. Camera)

Anita vs Nikki Festelle Topless Boxing

Blondes Anita and Nicky met in a bad tempered bout. Anita wore Nicky down with constant punching until the young blonde could take no more.

Anita vs Amanda Festelle Topless Boxing

Next, experienced Anita takes on Amanda, which is on mats rather than the big ring. There’s a very small audience, which seems to make them lose their inhibitions and to stimulate furious rivalry.

FV119 - 3 (Anita vs Amanda)

After a knockdown, tempers begin to rise; the punching gets really savage, and before too long another knockdown follows. This was one of those matches in which the winner really deserves hr prize money!
FV119 - 3 (Anita vs Amanda)



Chanelle vs Sammi Jane for Festelle

Samantha-Jane discovers that Chantelle has been seeing her boyfriend. Sam undresses for action before attacking Chantelle, but soon she too is down to her scanties, which she eventually loses, and gets a good spanking.
Sam however soon gets a taste of her own medicine, and starts to wonder if picking a fight was such a good idea...

FV140 - 2 (Chanelle vs Sammy-Jane)






Zoe vs Lucy for Festelle

Lucy is looking at some girl-fight pictures when Zoe joins her. They both get quite keen on trying some themselves. It's pretty playful at first, until Lucy finds herself naked, straddled and tormented by the other girl.
Zoe likes to play the dominate role, and subjects poor Lucy to some pretty intimate teasing, encouraged by Danielle, who enters the scene early on.

Rose Wood vs Reeny Erotic Festelle fight

encounter between two of Festelle´s most beautiful women, Rose Wood and Reeny, is less competitive as black girl Reeny dominates and spanks a moaning and submissive white opponent.

California Wildcats "Gossip"

First they try to overcome each other with their breasts, punching and crushing defiantly. When this gives way to fighting it turns into a real rough house. A first-class topless catfight!

Black vs Blonde 80's catfight

scrap between a black girl and a white blonde. It's not long before this inter-racial battle has the girls rolling around the floor shedding hair and underwear. They're both soon topless, which gives them a chance to poke their hard, erect nipples into each other's breasts.


Kix is off to investigate a boxing match fixing syndicate and she's itching for action and she enters one of Britain's toughest boxing gyms looking for answers. Booted and barefoot, she takes them all on! Using every part of her body and using every technique possible, from devastating punching to spinning and flying kicks, she unleashes hell on them to discover the truth!

strong female wrestling grappling outdoor

Ass Kicking Bitches Volume #6

Ass Kicking Bitches Volume #5

Ass Kicking Bitches Volume #4

Ass Kicking Bitches Volume #3

Ass Kicking Bitches Volume #2

Ass Kicking Bitches Volume #1

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kelli vs Jezabel Knight Fem Fight Bound

Jezabel is in deep trouble now. Bound and trapped under Kelli, who appeared in earlier NWWL videos. The little brunette had bragged she wasn't afraid of the veteran fighter girl and she was quickly scooped up, bound and set up one with vicious face slaps, breast mauling and punches to the belly, leaving the crying Jezabel battered on top of the bed.

Monika Maple vs Orabella

sex fighting resulting with one hell of a climatic finish! The girls fight to see who can make the other come first, best 2 out of 3. Its a hot heated contest where the climactic finish surprises everyone!!

Milena & Jezabel vs Monika Maple

sadistic and vicious 2 on 1 beatdown featuring breast & crotch mauling, belly punching and Hand over mouth smothering to a humiliating KO.

Blonde Beats Tia Ling: Ult Surrender

Jennifer Thomas vs Onyx Female Wrestling

Mma girl fight dallas tx

Hollyoaks: Cheryl & Cindy catfight

No Holds Barred Bikini Boxing

Here's another taste of Club RAW's NO HOLD BARRED BIKINI BOXING that so many people seen to believe isn't real........wth???? Looking pretty real to me!!!!!

Packers foxy boxing

Women Cage Fight,

Throwing down for Charity

girls domination first round tap out

she came on. when she felt my power she wanted to wrap up. so i said alright and we went down. i held her and was beating her in the face. then rolled her off. hammer fists a lot. i was going for a head and arm choke. then my son yelled scarf lock. it was right there so easy. it was so awesome


MMA Girl Fight , Street Puncher Vs. Boxing ,Knocked KO hard

Crystal and Tiffany go over Jiu-Jitsu choke inside the ring!!!!!!!!

Fitness Beach Boxing

Leeann Tweeden, Denise Paglia and Kathy Derry doing aerobics on the beach with boxing gloves.

hot asians in spandex wrestling sexy!

They Quickly french kiss half way into their catfight!

Asian women wrestling in panties on Taiwan cable tv

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Duga Japan Cheerleader Wrestling

Duga Japan Belly Boxing

Xiao Ling & Yi Xin go boxing together

Big Bounce Boxing

Jennifer Berg vs Sarah Goodlaxen

Ina Menzer knockouts

Female Fighters Action Compilation

Primetime Australasian Knockouts

Devistating Female KO's

Women Kickboxing KO

Female kickboxing KO

Ashlynn vs Nina

Sema Yerlice vs. Tina Fromme kickboxing

DWW Female Teen Kickboxing

Nat and Jess Muay thai kickboxing

Trish Stratus: Finished

Female Boxing : Male vs Female the conclusion

Female Boxing 2

Female Boxing

Female Wrestling - Sydney vs. Sheila

Now available at - Sydney and Sheila square off in a KILLER F/F competitive matchup! If you like hot-bodied, strong, muscular women with a killer instinct, you'll love this video. These girls are aggressive, but good spirited in this clash of hot feminine muscle. Sydney is known for her massive 24" pillars of destruction, but newcomer Sheila is no slouch either... in addition to her 24" columns of pain-inducing monster legs, she's sporting some thick, meaty biceps as well, and may in fact have an upper body strength advantage over powerful Sydney Thunder. Yes, one girl does eventually "win" over the other, but only after some brutal scissor submissions are traded. At times the girls are hesitant to engage because they know the pain that each other's legs can produce! But no worries, this video certainly isn't lacking in action. They work up a hot sweat as they use their muscles to try and overpower the other competitor. Big biceps, powerful legs, and thick meaty muscular glutes - two gorgeous bodies doing battle. Does it get any better than this????

Female Wrestlers - Gorgeous Marie Lee vs. Powerful Shanequa B

Shanequa Brulow, who learned a lot from MMA fighter Katie Johnson, challenges Marie Lee to a CrushWrestling match. Marie is no slouch, as she was the CW's first "champion" back in 2007. Her legs are strong, and she is slippery and elusive. But she has a monumental challenge in big, strong, powerful Shanequa. Shanequa is known for her big, muscular, bowling-ball glutes. Those butt cheeks generate tons of squeeze power, and have made many people suffer greatly in her terrifying leg scissors, ass wedges, and figure fours. This is a competitive match, with both girls trying their hardest to get submissions. It goes back and forth for a while in the first 1/3 of the video, but then one girl begins to assert her dominance. Is it the experienced Marie Lee? Or is Shanequa's muscle size and strength too much for the sexy vixen to overcome

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Zoe vs Naomali from Latin Catfight

Zoe with curvaceous Naomali - a highly vocal and emotional fight that concludes with one girl having her leg barred and pulled backwards as her victor stands on her back.

Sharon vs Apple for Festelle

Finally, Sharon reacts badly to losing out on a job to her rival and takes it out on the black girl on the grass, pinning her flat, shouting at her and torturing her breasts.

Antonia vs Luna for Festelle

Two catfights starring the luscious Luna, 5'10'' with a superb 36-24-36 figure, who finds her bitchy friends Antonia and Lorna cannot be trusted, so she has to teach them both a lesson. Antonia, a tall Americanborn 'Diana Ross' look-alike, also 36-24-36, takes Luna's boyfriend but finds Luna retaliates!
Soon stripped Luna roughs the weaker Antonia up and slaps her around until she has had enough in a rather one-sided encounter. Blonde Lorna enters to take Antonia's side, but finds Luna in no mood to compromise. Lorna struggles as the lovely Italian gives her a really good spanking. Good aggressive action ending with an exhausted loser being stripped naked.

Mitzi vs Giudi for Festelle

gorgeous black Giudi is not averse to asserting her dominance in a real wrestling match, and in no time Mitzi finds herself in a topless struggle.

Andrea Parker / Pamela Anderson catfight

Andrea Parker and Pamela Anderson Lee get into a catfight on Less Than Perfect

pamela anderson fighting pamela anderson V I P

Daryl Hannah and Alexandra Paul: Cat Fight in Paper Dolls

Lucy Lui beats up and humiliates Nicollette Sheridan

Sexy Model works out Punching and Boxing

Follow our Blog of ALL our videos and stay up to date at

Ashley teaches you to Punching in boxing stance
Ashley will teach you about fitness and how to workout every day for men and women. Today she teaches you how to lift legs. She is a bright women who loves to workout and strive to stay in shape.

You can watch Ashley every day on Puders Knockouts channel and talk about a new way to stay up to date with your fitness and workout needs.

girl boxing

my cousin and i having a good old gloves on boxing match
... (more info)  
(less info)

Kassidy (black) v Lilly (white) part 2

Women's Wrestling: Mistress Belmont vs. Mercedes

Gorgeous lady grappler Mercedes KV fights sadistic women's wrestling champion Mistress Belmont in a brutal catfight at the Eastern Wrestling Alliance's (EWA) show in Pittsfield, Massachusetts on May 28, 2011. Mercedes KV gains some revenge before receiving more pain, punishment, and torture from Mistress Belmont plus verbal and physical abuse from Belmont's bullying manager, Bruiser Costa

Girls of Tree Hill || GIRLFIGHT!

Very sexy catfight with blondies


Sexy Taiwanese B-movie star Lu Hsiao-fen in a silly catfight sequence from the 1982 action melodrama PINK THIEF.
... (more info)  
(less info)

3 way Beach Catfight

Monday, June 13, 2011

Catfight - Mariana vs Sandra


Girls fight hard nice!!!

Girl fight ! Megan Vs. Jasmine

Girl named megan Beats jasmines ass.

Catfight pretty girl wins the fight.

Asian Connection girl Fight 2

Asian girl fight from Asian Connection

Stripper Cage Fight, Jaguars Gold Club

female grappling catfight match with Annie Hurricane

Cyrstal vs Kenzie Catfight

Kassidy (black) v Lilly (white)


Asami Kawasaki vs Mio Shirai

Destiny vs Kasey

Torrie Wilson & Stacy Keibler; Svr 2005 Commercial

bikini ring hungarian girls scissors

Friday, June 10, 2011

Samantha vs Rose Topless Boxing

Raquel vs Magalie Topless Boxing

Zora vs Samantha Topless Boxing

Miko Hands vs Shelby Lao for Academy Wrestling Productions

Miko Hands has learned from Dallas Davis (ACA12) that Shelby Lao ripped her off. The lovely Japanese plans to collect what's due to her, and the plan includes subjecting Shelby to some sweaty straddle, and the slap of her breasts against her
victim's face.

Dallas Davis vs Shelby Lao for Academy Wrestling

In the first fight redhead Dallas Davis tries to sell her bathing costume designs to the attractive Shelby Lao.
But Shelby tries to short-change her and a fight breaks out, but not before Dallas has displayed her naked charms while changing costumes! There’s plenty of face-squating and crotch grinding with a very satisfying ending.

Kaysha vs Zambia

Zambia, the naturally gifted show-woman, Kaysha, a merciless wrestler with a sculptural and powerful beauty 2 girls and only one winner: welcome to the show.

Agony KO Challenge: Aquel Vs Lee

Shelli vs Lee Interracial Dominant Catfight

Arch rivals Shelli and Lee are back at it: trading punches and K.O.'s , hoisting the slumped loser over a shoulder for parade and tying, untying and retying one another up until a victor emerges.

Sasha: Defeated and Dominated

Short End of The Stick Blonde Beatdown

Coni vs Shelli Womans World Wrestling

Coni and Shelli tangle in a fierce catfight rematch of their original Challenge Match (SLV-975) with the loser subjected to an intense breast torture session.

Blonde Tag Team Domination

In Blond Domination topless tag teams consisting of Raquel (5'5" - 110 lbs) and Kayla (5'4" - 105 lbs) against Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs) and Rose (5'8" - 118 lbs) wrestle in a one fall double elimination submissions match.

Bettie Page vs June King catfight

Vintage Femmes Fighting From France

2 on 1 Extreme Chickfights Taped FistFight

Ukrainian Girl Boxing Video

Bikini Girls Ring Wrestling

Arroyo Girls Fight

Brandenburg Girls Wrestling

Apt. catfight Black vs White

Brooklyn vs Lina Interrracial wrestling

catfights at Melrose Place

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sybil Starr vs Brandi Leather n Lace

Sydney and Missy vs Jezabel Knight Fem Fight Bound

32 minutes of the most vicious and brutal 2 on 1 belly punching action with knockouts, belly and breast punching. Total one sided beat down like you haven't seen in ages!
Sydney suffered a beat down from petite and sexy Jezabel and now she wants payback. And with the help of her friend Missy, Sydney will take Jezabel to within an inch of her life with a severe and brutal belly punching beat down of monstrous proportions. At both 5'10", Missy and Sydney simply overpower poor little 5'3" Jezabel with brutal and vicious punches to the belly and repeated knockouts. The KO's are bad enough as they are but the waking part is as brutal when both girls hammer at Jezabel's battered belly to wake her up.

Sydney and Betty vs Jezabel Knight Fem Fight Bound

Slowly but surely, Jezabel is beaten to a pulp, weakened and drunk with pain. Her pain wracked body jerks violently as Sydney and Betty's fists crash into the poor girl's broken body, every muscle and fibre screaming for mercy. How much more brutality can this little girl endure?!

Jezabel works over Milena Fem Fight Bound

Jezabel works over Milena, like a cat playing with a mouse, allowing her petite opponent to think that she might have a chance.. but the tables are turned when Milena, after waking from a KO attacks Jezabel with a vengeance and makes the gorgeous brunette pay for her sadistic ways..


Jasmine vs Katrina Fem Fight Bound

Petite and sexy Jasmine has control over beautiful Katrina, sitting on her chest, pinning the tough girl down. But try as she may, Katrina isn't able to toss off the smaller Jasmine which now means Katrina is now bound for a nice long nap.

Jezabel vs Renata Fem Fight Bound

Cocky and defiant, Jezabel has Renata pinned and trapped beneath her and makes life very miserable for her Russian opponent. Attacking her victim's breasts, toes and hair, Jezabel trash talks her victim while biting and slapping Renata towards a most humiliating knockout yet.

Missy vs Sydney Fem Fight Bound

Missy wasn't happy of losing her last match against Sydney so she's going to teach the dread locked girl a lesson or two before face sitting her opponent for the finish.