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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nude Sleepr KO

Russian Dead Sea Amazons MMA fight

DWW Camel Clutch Choke

Custom Catfight on the Carpet

Lita vs Jessica Alba : "Dark Angel" Catfight

Awesome that I found this, a bit historic as it was while filming this that Lita broke her neck.

Laputa Japanese Wrestling

DT Quisha vs Sandy Topless Sleeper

Amber O'Neal & Rain vs. Amazing Kong & Shawn Osborne

Rain and Amber make the dubious choice of agreeing to wrestle opponents twice their size in this severely mismatched contest against Kong and Osborne. And boy do they pay for this mistake with pain, pain and more pain.
We begin with an already hesitant Amber practically jumping out of her boots as Kong squares up to her with a war cry that rivals that of MsChif. There is no escape, however, as Kong takes her down easily with bodyblocks and Front Facelocks and tags in Shawn for his turn. After some hiccups on his part-mainly caused by Clotheslines and a kick to the crotch- the upper hand is firmly with the mixed team. Despite some valiant resistance by Amber and Rain (including some judicious biting!), the larger duo take turns punishing them with Clotheslines, Bodyslams, Camel Clutches, chokes and kicks.

Guard escape- Girl Fight- MMA Candy

Chyna vs Dean Malenko ~Light Heavyweight Title Match~

Chyna makes History yet again by competing for the Light Heavyweight Championship. She is the the ONLY female in wrestling history to compete for EVERY title (Heavyweight, Intercontinental, European, Light-Heavyweight, & Womens Championship)

Fight Time Big Girls Boxing

Strongest Female Japanese Celebrity Boxer

malia hosaka vs brandi

from the WLW

malia hosaka vs starla sexton (aka Molly Holly)

WCW match

Friday, April 29, 2011

DT Mia Walters vs Seth

DT Santana vs Yvonne

2 on 1 Punching Belly and Boobs from Action Sports

2 on 1 Spanish Belly Punching

GREAT Japanese Am-Boxing tall vs small

DevilCats Catfight with Boob Biting

Black Girl Dominates 2 Whites in Wrestling

ChicFightFlix Black vs White Catfight

Spanish Catfight Domination

Belly punch tit twisting facesitting ...who could ask for more!

Spanish Schoolgirl Pin and Tit Squeezing

Street Clothes Ripping Catfight

Barroca vs Joi Reno Nude Boxing

Blonde Erotic Rippin' catfight

German White Girl cbusted by Black girl

Lola vs Mutiny

Cum on Dagny Boxing

Girls Mat Wrestling

Black Dominates White Nude Facesitting

Bad News Bears from California Wildcats

Catfight Cove

Hair Pull and Tit Grab

Russian Sexfight from Brandenburg

Nude Schoolgirl pin

DT Nude Battle Royale

Female Wrestling - White vs Asian

Bikini Beach Brawl

Bikini Models Teaching Jabs and Kicks

Heronie vs Phycho

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nude Body to Body Pin

Chyna White vs Yellow Kitty Ultimate Surrender

Mia Walters vs Santana Crotch Claw and Boob Twist

Quisha vs Francesca Breast Mauling

Christine Dupree Topless Wrestling

Black vs White Nude Fistfight

Arena Girls Busty Nude Fight

Blake Mitchell vs Tia Gunn: Nude catfight

Barroca vs Chloe: Napali Nude Sexfight

J M Rolen Boxing 2

with Santana

Barroca vs Kimberly Kupps

A pretty Good Napali Nude catfight

Teen Garage Boxing

MMA Hottest Woman Fight , in Tight White Shorts

Gina Carano Tribute

Porn Star Real Chick Fight

Catfight on the Bed

DT Asian vs Blonde Bikini Bearhug

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spanish Belly Punching

Mixed Belly punching sex

Son of the Beach Boxing

Vera-Ellen in On the Town (Boxing)

Barbara Stanwyck: Breakfast for Two

Japanese Stretch Muffler

DWW Nude Sex Fight

DWW Topless Headscissors submission

DWW Nude Apartment Wrestling

Candi vs Ron California Supreme mixed wrestling

MMA Girl Fight Knockout in 0:05 of Round 1 ,EPIC Fastest KO in History of Female MMA

Layla VS Eve and Laycool Catfight

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Topless Thong Boxing

Romanian Naked Foxy Boxing

Playboy Blonde Boxer

Shannon vs Charlie: Topless Big Bust Fight

Female wrestling: Black girl easily pins a smaller blonde girl

Black girl pins blonde girl in this extremely one-sided interracial wrestling match.

blacKOut MMA Rosa Garcia Vs Maria Micheo

Angelina Love Shimmer Wrestling

Charlize Theron vs Teri Hatcher catfight

From "2 days in the valley" of the best

Rothrock Vs Sheperd -Above the Law

Catfight between Cynthia Rothrock and Karen Sheperd. From Above the Law,

Very Hot GirlsInterracial Wrestle & Catfight

Monday, April 25, 2011

Foxy Boxing Black vs White

Claymation Catfight: Lady Gaga vs Madonna in 3D!

Brazilian Boxing Girls

Sexy Blonde vs Brunnette Boxing

Smaller Girls Fight Hard

Tia Ling vs Holly Ultimate Surrender

Blondies Catfight

Brazil Bikini Belly Punching

J M Rolen topless boxing with Francesca le

Tanya Danielle Vs. Devon Michaels

 Devon Michaels is as sexy a it gets. Here she takes punishment from the Superstar Tanya Danielle.... Devon has great expressions and a great body...

Random WWE DIva Wrestling Peril

Bunny Glamazon vs a small thin girl

no contest, bunny dominates throughout

Anne Hurricane

A tribute to Anne for all the matches she has fought over they years.

LPWA-Linda Dallas Vs. Madusa

Another great LPWA match pitting the smaller vicious Nasty Linda vs Madusa. Linda looks fantastic in her leopard suit...These clips are not so much seeing Linda Dallas helpless, but the viciousness of the moves Madusa puts on Nasty Linda. Not only does she give her a nasty wedgie, but Madusa snaps Linda to the mat with brutality. Had to show these big moves in slow motion at the end. Linda's butt looks awsome in this video as she tries to come back. Madusa was just too big and strong and brutally kicks Linda in the chest sending her to the mat.. Great action...

LPWA-Leilani Kai Vs. Mimi

LPWA- Magnificent Mimi is a pretty women. She had a nice body and looked great getting punished. She had great facial expressions and she really played the part well. Not a lot here but she realy took some punishment from the bigger Leilani Kai.... Mimi looked great in this black suit. Too bad she always wore titghts underneath. Think it just looks sexier with bare skin. Would have been cool to see one of her suit straps fall down her shoulder

LPWA-Sue Sexton Vs. Lady X

Saturday, April 23, 2011

DT Topless Fistfight in the Ring

Movie Extreme Fighting Babes to KO

DWW topless female foxy boxing Tiffany vs Antonia

Sybil Starr

go to for more

Jill Lauren vs Sybil Starr belly punching fight


Yabushita MMA Fight

She loses to American

SugarRae Rene Foxy Boxing Beatdown

Blonde vs Brunnette Boxing

!920's Roseland Ballroom Boxing

The best female boxer = Lucia Rijker

Meet "Lady Tyson", a Dutch professional female boxer.
Dubbed "The most dangerous woman in the world"..
In reality though, she is a devout Buddhist and is now helping to make female boxing more popular and respected.
Lalia Ali ducked her throughout her career and Rijker was only defeated once in the a man!

MMA Amazing Sexy Girl Fight for the Belt in HD

NudeFightClub presents Abelia vs. Catherina

Abelia and Catherina are both bully bitches. When they were training together at the gym they got into a conflict right away. The two fearsome catfighters started grappling and wrestling, hitting each other and tearing each other's hair out in the catfight.

NudeFightClub presents Antonya vs Blanche

Blonde versus blonde in the ring again, and this time, no one knows who has more rage - Blanche or Antonya? Who's going to go down, and who will kick that bitch and show her who's boss? And of course the main question is whether Blanche or Antonya can deliver the right blows to achieve domination!

NudeFightClub presents Bianca Arden vs Anita Hengher

Bianca's been wanting to fight the bitch Anita for a long time, and now is her chance to show her who's the bitch on top. They have their game faces on and they are ready to tear at each other for all they've got. These bitches are crazy and ferocious and they will fight to the end to get the top bitch position

NudeFightClub presents Brandy Smile vs Valery Summers

Brandy's out to win this one, but she has tough competition from Valery! Between the knockdowns and the hair pulling in this catfight, things get hot between these two bitches as they claw their way to dominance. Who's going to come out on top? May the most ferocious girl win!


Linda Dallas vs Bambi LWPA

I wish there was more of Linda Dallas. She looks awsome in this red suit strapless. She was a great wrestler and sexy as hell. Even though she was a smaller wrestler she had a great wrestling body. Here Bambi takes control of the match and slams the smaller Linda to the mat with ease. Linda's whole body quivers from the slam as she lay on the mat in pain. Sorry for the poor quality footage as I turned this in from an flv to a wmv to edit. Linda wreslted in more tag team matches then in single matches which is a shame. Cant get enough of her. Wish she still was around...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

2 on 1 belly beating against a wall

Francesca Le vs Stacy Belly Boxing

Spanish Boxing: 1 sided belly punching

Tayna Danielle Topless Boxing

TOPLESS MIXED BOXING Paris Kennedy vs Darrius

Topless Boxing 2 from Leather and Lace

Human Punching Bag

Pro Style Wrestling from Leather and Lace

More Topless Boxing from Leather and Lace

Catfighting Wives from Leather and Lace

Topless Boxing with Phebe

Facesitting Finish from Leather and Lace

Movie catfight low blow

Heroine Hollywood Low Blows match

Foxy Boxing from movie "Punch"

Crazy Russian Girls Fight

Stallones Female Boxing and wrestling

Teen Girls Real Boxing

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mandy vs Kelly : Old time tit fight

Nude Humiliating Finish to catfight

Summer Mauls Goldie

Napali Nude Interracial Boxing

Quisha Gets Koed: Bedroom Boxing

Chicane "Hiding all the Stars" boxing music video

with compliments to Don Kelly!

Lorna Jane Boxing Commercial

Timea vs Lada DWW wrestling

Vira vs Tara schoolgirl catfight

Sexy Girl Fight in Mortal Kombat: Jo Garcia vs. Brittney Palmer

Mortal Kombat Girl Fight Sexy gamer girl Jo Garcia and UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer got a sneak peek at the new Mortal Kombat game for PS3 and XBOX 360. Watch as these two sexy girls face off in the ring

Ring of Honor Girl Fight

X-treme Foxy Boxing

Boxer-Girl vs Gadget

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stacy Burke vs Santana Topless Boxing

Candi's Nude Catfight

KO Tina Kosic

a lady whos fetish is boxing KO's and tights!

Old vs Young bikini boxing

the Man Show Boxing Babes

Robin Vs Jasea Apartment Boxing

Suzanna Spears Boxing KO

NudeFightClub presents Kathia Nobili vs Angell Summers

Kathia Nobili is eager to assert her dominance over Angell in the ring. She wants that bitch down and under her control, to make her do whatever Kathia demands. But Angell is feisty and she won't give up without a fight. Kathia might get her way a lot but Angell wants Kathia to get humiliated in the fight. Watch as Kathia and Angell go at it to see which bitch is the one that f*cks... and gets it good!


Female wrestling loss to Treena makes her go phycho!

NOTICE the PSYCHOTIC ANGER expressed at the end, by none other than Nancy's sister, Susanb Skarvan: not a match for Treena in any way; and did you catch that elbow hit at the end-it was hatred and bad.

Helena vs Ashley Ring Wrestling

The Beautiful People vs Rhaka Khan and ODB

TNA Bound For Glory
Knockouts Tag Team Match

Lee vs Mandy Black vs White Bikini Bedroom Catfight

Karen's scissors hurts Ursula DuLong-1985 female wrestling

this match was actually 10 years after some of Karen Arnold's earlier matches. Ursula DuLong, had married Jack DuLong, and it was 1985.
Shortly later, Ursula would die tragically in a motor vehicle accident. And Ursula and Jack did have a daughter, if some of you remember. And she did wrestle in some matches I've seen. What else would she do?

Wrestling was a family thing back in Pine Valley at Camp Amazon, or it started that way. Some people say that "this isn't real wrestling at all."
Well, sorry but 'this' is how tough chicks wrestled back "then." There WAS no high school wrestling in the seventies. No title IX. So this kind of wrestling was just a way women "started" to get physical. It wasn't stylistic. It was crude, in a sense. But it was real and with emotion. 2 people at least trying win.

Lauren vs Mandy Sexy Fantasy catfight

College Girls Wrestling

Intense Blonde girl chokes: Vicious headlock

For all those who think that this "ISN'T WRESTLING;" that is true if we compare wrestling in Europe with this stuff. Or if we'd compare wrestling in today's colleges, after title IX, this would not qualify as "REAL WRESTLING."

BUT, in the seventies and eighties, there was NO "female wrestling" OTHER than these gems of the closest thing to what they once knew to be "wrestling

Monday, April 18, 2011

Women Cage fighting: Starr vs Berlin at

Titian Helath Club Female Russian Boxing

Gia Primo in tough fight with strong black girl

tough black girl wrestling female bodybuilder

Lee vs. Storm fight by

Paradise Hotel Girl catfight

Cwgrl vs.Celestia Pro Wrestling

Girl Rumble on the Hill Boxing

The only girl contesters to fight on the Rumble on The hill. FIRST KO of the night. GIRL FIGHT!!

Extremely Hot Swimming Pool Girl Fight - Martial Arts

Bunny vs Elena : Big Girl Wrestling

Catfight from Naked Weapon

Pretty Girl Boxing

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Boxing Belly Punch Fetish

Summer Cumming Topless Boxing

Francesca Le Bikini Fistfight

Teen Bikini Boxing from Catfight Haven

Quisha Boxing vs Precious Pink

Tanya Danielle Boxing

Bridget vs Helga Latin Catfight

Daniella Cartier vs. Diane Hunter 2

Brycee Adams vs. Alex Del Monacco

Preview of the match between Brycee Adams and Alex Del Monacco. Both are rookies and trying to head to the front of the class. Alex, the blonde bombshell with sound technical skills faces Brycee,the wild child whose bombastic personality sends many competitors running.

For more sexy Apartment Wrestling action please visit:

Alex Del Monacco vs. Jezebel

The gorgeous Alex Del Monacco matches up against the newest Brute in the Pack, Jezebel. Jezebel not only wants to take the match but has a crush on Alex too. That adds a whole new twist to the match.

For more sexy Apartment Wrestling action please visit: